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With Leading Business Finance Coach In India

My business finance coaching helps you to map out a strategic, goal-oriented journey to propel business to ultimate success.


Managing Director of Holistique Business Consulting

I propel Business Owners to Profit Maximization and Cost Optimization To Earn PROFIT WITH PEACE


  • Cash Flow is lifeblood of Business.
  • Cash Flow enjoys preponderance over Revenue and Profit.
  • An efficient and viable Cash Flow Management positively helps generation of healthy ROI year-on-year.
  • Never allow any imbalance to occur in your Cash Flow, otherwise you had it !
  • An efficient Cash Flow Management empowers you:

    • To hire the best talent in the business.
    • To strengthen purchasing power.
    • To Accelerate pace of business growth.
    • To capitalise on emerging business opportunity.

Never Forget - Cash Is King - Better Realise the Power of Cash!



1-To-1 Business Coaching

After an in-depth analysis of current business situation, I undertake 1-to-1 Coaching with Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to map out a goal-oriented journey.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching facilitates a cross-section of view from Business Owners across the business spectrum. You will learn the best business practices to achieve revenue and profit growth.

Company Group Coaching

After an independent analysis of current business situation, I undertake Coaching with Business Owners and their Team to map out a goal-oriented journey.

How I Help You

Polish Your vIsion

Establish Priorities Focused on Long-Term Growth.


Map your Journey.


To Accomplish Original Mission and Vision.

Why Work With Me?

A strategic overhaul of 5 Pillars of Business by me will go a long way in bringing about a much-aspired transformation of the business.

Triggering Value and Growth


Organisational restructure to accomplish your goals in conformity with your original Mission and Vision.


Lifting your business from hitting plateau and avert debt-trap.


Formulating accounts strategy to avoid frequent hiccups.


Rationalising utilisation of resources at your disposal.


Keeping authorities at bay with complete hassle-free regulatory compliance.


Devising SOP and internal control mechanism to facilitate functioning on Auto-Pilot.

Human Resources Management

To create a new company culture.

Inventory Management

To create an effective supply chain management.

Quality Management

To create quality benchmark in all services.

Vendor Management

Win loyalty of vendors.

Sales Management

Exponentially grow your sales.

Marketing strategy

Design marketing in a way that generates continious leads.

When to hire Professional Business Finance Coach


  • your new company is getting off the ground.
  • you desire to identify barriers to your business growth and goals.
  • you require an impartial approach to focus on efforts and resources.
  • you notice a lack of consistency in revenue, profitability and cash flow.
  • you wish to avert risk of failure in the incipient stage.
  • you require a professional partner to bring in wealth of knowledge and experience into play.

Your Gains From Business Finance Coaching

Go outside your comfort zone

meet new people and try new business ideas

GET Personal attention

from someone who knows your business inside out

Receive candid evaluation

of yourself and your business

Get Trustworthy confidante

who helps in problem-solving and combating challenges

Get Your Advocate

in outside world to create enormous opportunities

Be more alert

as Business Coach holds you accountable for effective implementation of tasks envisaged

Visualize Yourself



Business Finance Coaching



Business Finance Coaching

Business Owner embarks upon his entrepreneurial voyage with a dream, vision and aspirations for brighter future.

Voyage witnesses peaks and troughs, ebbs and flows.

There comes a stage where he is caught in a quagmire of quite a few unsurmountable challenges. Despair, desperation and frustration get better of him.

Such a scenario emerges for company that is stagnating and tries hard to come out of the rut.

Also, for a company which desires to register and sustain for better growth.

At such a critical juncture, Business Finance Coaching emerges as the most appropriate and potent tool to achieve the desired results.

Business Finance Coach steers the company to vistas of better and solid profitable trajectory towards geometric progression.

Business Finance Coach enters to render customized solutions with personalised approach.

Connotation of Business Finance Coaching

Business Finance Coaching is a process that enhances a client’s behavior and performance in his business.

As Business Finance Coach in India, I enjoy standing as Business Owner with considerable entrepreneurial experinece. I:

  • work with both individual and team.
  • provide valuable personalized, customized advice to Business Owners.
  • know what it takes to make a business successful.
  • work along with Business Owners to help them define their:
    • Goals.
    • Polish their vision for business.
    • Recommend a series of strategies to help owners to achieve their goals and vision.
    • Help Business Owners navigate their issues in the most effective way possible.

Having a business Finance coach is like having a highly experienced partner in your team.


A good business Finance coach is neither your friend nor a partner.
However, he is partner in your progress.

Profile Of Business Coach

  • Is Expert with considerable background and training in business.
  • Possesses experience in the business world that can be applied while working with clients.
  • Can help identify and clarify business goals and objectives.
  • Helps clients look at the big scenario while devoting attention to small details.
  • Provides candid feedback about strengths, weaknesses, progress and bottlenecks.
  • Guides in gaining business knowledge and enhancing business skills.
  • Listens, directs, encourages, motivates, supports, and assesses.

At The Conclusion Of Your Business Finance Coaching

You will realise a paradigm shift in your business, approach and environment.

  • Love your business.
  • Be content with control of your life.
  • Learn new techniques, processes and procedures to combat any business challenges.
  • Succeed to avert entrepreneurial burnout.
  • Improve your efficiency, efficacy as a professional business man.
  • Generate new vigour and vitality for your family and business team. 
  • Attain a sense of fulfilment!



Munish Rao

MR Enterprises

Thanks to One-to-One Business Coaching by Chanakya Shah, Managing Director of “Holistique Business Consulting”, I have been able to explore and expand business vistas. A well-structured Business Coaching Program offered by them has created in me confidence and ability to confront any commercial problem head on. This has been a great value addition to my professional career.

Tushar Kohli

Head Projects
Sun Group Enterprises

By virtue of analytical ability, trustworthy services in time and customized solutions, Holistique has carved out a special space in Business Consulting. Support in Finance and Accounts Outsourcing has substantially served business aspirations of Start-ups, SMEs and Mid-Size Companies. Group Business Coaching conducted by Holistique helps to achieve profit progression at affordable cost.

Avanish Jain


Holistique Business Consulting excels at timely delivery of its multiple services, be it – Accounting, GST implementation and various compliances for Tax purposes. Holistique MD Chanakya Shah has impeccable analytical ability to discover - out-of-box solutions in the realm of Business Consulting. We have reaped immense benefits by pro-active efforts of Holistique and its dedicated team of professionals.

Sanjay Suneja

Managing Director

The Sales in my company had stagnated for the last 2 years. Our Team was not aligned to the systems created by us. Hence, the system failed to deliver efficiency. Thereupon, I engaged Coaching Services of Business Coach Chanakya Shah to investigate and offer the remedial solution. Chanakya Shah identified 3 areas of concern which needed to be addressed - Sales, Team Work and Systems Operation. Thanks to strategy of New Sales Engine recommended Chanakya, we have started growing our sales. Chanakya worked on the mindset of our team which resulted in securing its total alignment to the company goals. An efficient system has also been put in place in the company by the staff members themselves which has started yielding the desired results.

Santosh Kumar Jha

Finance & Accounts

Business Coach Chanakya Shah could convince us substantially regarding the benefit of organizational systems. Now I am in a position to control the functioning of my department. I have also succeeded in strengthing internal control in the company. I do not have to chase my team members to ensure timely compliance. Indeed, the advice of Chanakya Ji has proved quite invaluable!

Anup Verma

National Sales

The sales were not growing in our company.Our team was busy multitasking.It displayed reluctance to sell high value products. Based on Coaching inputs as given to us by Finance and Business Coach Chanakya Shah, our team was able to identify the bottlenecks. Allotment of work started based on principle of division of labor Our team has started selling even the premium products. Kudos to insights of Chanakya ji.